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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact any one of us.
We are neighbors concerned about the lake
  Branch Avenue, Plainville
     Jack Shepardson   jjacs55@aol.com
  Mirimichi Road, Foxboro
  Bob Audette   bobaudette@verizon.net
  Pat Audette   pataudette@verizon.net
  Mary Waltuck   mdwaltuck@aol.com
  Morey Waltuck    mwaltuck@comcast.net
  Mirimichi Street, Plainville
  Barbara Kovacs    kayak02.db@gmail.com
  David Criasia    kayak02.db@gmail.com
  George Benz   georgembenz@yahoo.com
  Dan Bratton   djbratton10@gmail.com
  Rachel Bratton   djbratton10@gmail.com


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